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Are you ready for summer? DeHolding May Promotions

Are you ready for summer? DeHolding May Promotions

Don’t miss the new discounts that will help meet this summer fully equipped! Only best offers to support your beauty&youthfullness! The offers are valid until May,31, inclusive.

1.The discount for those who have decided to launch business with Deta-Elis Holding!

Enter business in May by purchasing FlashKit and products on a sum not less than 250,00 € and get 5 Del’or clutches priced at 187,50 € as a gift. Del’or clutch is a set with samples of all Del’or cosmetics designed for one application.  Take the first step to the world of beauty with Del’or! TheoffersarevaliduntilMay,31, inclusive.

2.The discount for those who prefer a complex revitalization!

Purchase DeVita AP + DeVita Ritm only for 895,00 € (125,00 € Bonus, 350 Points) instead of 1 080,00 € (185,00 € discount). DeVita AP will detoxificate an organism and get rid of parasites. DeVita Ritm will “tune” your organs and make them work properly. TheoffersarevaliduntilMay,31, inclusive.

3.The discount for those who want to get the best quality of life.

Purchase DeVita Ap + DeVita Ritm only for 1 080,00 € instead of  1 330,00 € (242,50 € discount) and get DeInfo programmer as a gift. Get two devices which will ensure revitalization for business and personal use and the multi-purpose programmer that will allow creating individual programs! The offers are valid until May,31, inclusive.

4.The discount for those who take care of one’s beauty!

Purchase DeVita Cosmo priced at 630,00 € and get Del’or Master Box priced at 495,00€ as a gift! Del’or Master Box is a full set of innovative cosmetics that will give your skin a perfect look. The offers are valid until May,31, inclusive.

5.The discount for your beauty and youthfulness!

Purchase any Del’or product with 30% off (VZR and points remain unchanged) and get an opportunity to prolong your business! The cosmetics are available in sets, as well as separately. This is the best offer for your beauty! Don’t miss the discount. The offers are valid until May,31, inclusive.

6.The discount for those most active.

Use Fast Track and get Del’or Travel Kit priced at 250,00 € as a gift. Del’or Travel Kit is a full set of cosmetics in a handy packaging. The offers are valid until May,31, inclusive.


*Fast Track is the entrance to business for you and your partners. Fast Track means a purchase of one device by each of three partners at the same time during one day. Each partner must purchase products (product + FlashKit) to the amount of not less than 287,50 euro. The person who invited the partners to the left or right teams is granted the Starry status, bonuses (VZR) and a gift.