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How do our devices work

Our instruments - are the latest developments in the field of efficient bio-resonance therapy. If you are already familiar with the operation of our equipment, we offer you to find out what our devices can treat.

Our devices Life Balance and Life Expert are showing excelent results in helping people with diseases which are caused by parasites, restoring the body with the healthy frequences of the organs and systems and generally improving the quality of life.

To begin with, we want to note the main benefits of our method:

  • The method has been tested in more than 140 hospitals, and rates the effectiveness of our method of treatment ranged from 85% to 97% recovery and security applications.
  • method is absolutely safe, its physiological action, has no age restrictions.
  • treatment shows the results of increased adaptation of the body reserves and immunity.
  • recovery of organs and the system runs smoothly and painlessly - at the cellular level.
  • method is universal - it can be used to treat most of the currently existing conditions
  • effectively helps to eliminate the diseases, which until now were considered incurable (eg diabetes, hepatitis C, herpes, tuberculosis )

What is the basic treatment?

There are no miracles. Our method of treatment - is the connection of medicine and physics , and, for some reason, the laws of physics do not get enough of our attention, even knowing about the fact that they are the base for the life of all living things on the Earth.

Understanding the principle of the instrument is based on the physics we learn in school on 7-8 grades .

It is well known that the biochemical reaction and all the manifestations of material life are associated with the transfer of charged particles (ions, electrons) - so there is an electromagnetic field. In the cells and between cells is a constant instant, implemented by means of electromagnetic waves.

The impact of Life Balance is absolutely harmless, because parasites’ frequencies range from 100 to 900 kHz. Resonance frequencies of the human body structures lie in the range 1 to 10 mHz. Frequencies that are harmful for the human body lie beyond the range of 1 mHz.

proved that every human organ or system of work for their well-defined frequencies, which are the same for each person, whether you have light or dark skin, you will be Asian or European, the difference is that is not at all healthy people rate unchanged. For example the left ventricle of the heart operates at 41 Hz., Myocardium (heart muscle) - at a frequency of 39 Hz., Blood flow to the heart - at a frequency of 40.5 Hz. and so on. The development of pathological processes in the body leads to a disharmonious vibrations. That is, from the point of view of Biophysics, disease - a deviation from the body vibrations inherent frequency sound .

Such an analysis of cause-effect relationships of most currently existing diseases led to the creation of an effective method of treatment - the low-frequency electromagnetic therapy.

This method was developed and patented by Russian scientist Sergei Petrovich Kanaplyou, and has no analogues in the world nor in Russia and abroad. This method has been successfully implemented in portable devices for home use and professional equipment for physicians. The development has been patented in 72 countries by an international patent.

How does it work?

The method of low-frequency electromagnetic therapy is to lead the body or system to those fluctuations that are to be initially, that is, to healthy vibrations, and that is important to a soft and natural regeneration of lost health at the cellular level.

experimentally proved that if a sick person to put the source of electromagnetic waves, which emits frequencies of healthy organs, the body absorbs these frequencies as their own and adapts them, thereby evening out and getting back to normal.

Therapeutic effect (Deta-Ritm)

Therapy is based on the resonance phenomena. In this case the resonance phenomenon is characterized by the fact that when fed with a weak current of a certain frequency, in the human body to the data currents will only react biological tissue operating at this frequency. The device DETA-RITM emits strictly physiological range of frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz. - Just in this range operate the healthy organs of our body. If the influence on the body so that the signal overdose is not possible, as well as features not harm humans!

Anti-parasitic effects (Deta-AP)

cause of many diseases that have so far may be uninvited guests in our body, and it is the presence in the body of parasites, such as worms, viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa. With them, our immune system is more unable to cope with the result that the disease of acute becomes chronic. Therefore, to eliminate the quality of any disease in the first place to remove the pathogen, and only then restore the organs and systems.

to implement the most effective set of measures aimed at addressing the causes of disease, Sergei Petrovich Kanaplyou was established antiparasitic device, the effect of which is aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms - a device Deta-AP. Unlike device Deta-Ritm - reducing function of our organs and systems, DETA-AP has a devastating impact point, strictly for certain organisms or specific pathology that has arisen as a consequence of the disease.

device Deta-AP generates frequencies - from 0.1 Hz to 10 kHz. - That the safety harmless hearing radio stations that broadcast in the range of 80-100 MHz. In the treatment unit takes the frequency corresponding to the frequency of the microorganism strongly, but the force exceeds its own oscillation, resulting in the rupture of the outer shell agent, which leads to the complete destruction and hence destroy any parasitic forms, which directed the impact, and further, action only for the efficient work of the lymphatic and excretory systems of the body. A high accuracy of the frequency emitted by the device - giving the possibility of acting on the various harmful agents or pathology - destroying them, thus, is not affecting healthy organs.

device DETA-AP also contains programs that allow for complete detoxification (cleaning) of the body. Currently identified frequency to eliminate almost all known microorganisms, toxins and pathologies.


A distinctive feature of the equipment - there is something that the devices can be used by anyone with the ability to reprogram them you will be able to treat the whole family .

This will help our programmer Therapy , in which more than 3,000 programs, a list which is constantly updated.

low-frequency electromagnetic therapy devices DETA (DETA) are not a cure-all, but a lot of programs that can be written to the device are really unique, and most importantly they are effective from 85% to 97%, and their effect is physiological, and therefore they can not hurt EXACTLY!

evidence consistency and effectiveness of the method are the acts of numerous clinical trials, certificates, permits, patents, awards, and finally, the EU certificate certifying that the portable medical devices DETA endorsed and approved for use in Europe, as it says about the quality of products and their full compliance with high European standards.

If you are tired of poison yourself with antibiotics and other chemicals, if you go around in circles, and doctors, throwing up his hands, unable to help you with the means at their arsenal of means and methods, use the safest method based on the synthesis of new technologies and medical physicists who really naturally and gently works at the cellular level, has proved to be very effective!