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Bioresonance therapy

This article - it is a simple version of the explanation of the phenomenon of bio-resonance. If you are interested in a more scientific interpretation of the concept - you can read it here

Let's see what - Bioresonance .

To start

propose to delve into high-school physics class for 8-9 and remember that this resonance.


Resonance - a phenomenon in which the amplitude of the forced oscillation increases dramatically, it comes because of the approximation of frequency of exposure to certain values ​​(resonance frequencies), opredelnnye properties of the object to which this effect is applied.

very good exposition of scientific language, to people who are not scientists, it is difficult to understand this phenomenon, let's describe it easier.

probably all heard of the example of the soldiers, when they were walking to the beat (in lockstep), going up to the bridge, received an order from kompandira go free walk. This order is given due to the fact that if the soldiers will march to the beat, the bridge will collapse.

example of a bridge across the Gulf of Tacoma, who built not stupid people, but when the machine started up on the bridge, they began to move in time and there was a response. I ask your attention to a small movie.

Bioresonance therapy

Razovbrav that this resonance can talk about bio-resonance.

Immediately on the basis of the word resonance occurs question: and the interaction of the device is safe to bio-resonance therapy on the human body?

Answer: to this questions of the - for the person it is absolutely safe, and for the parasite, which affects equipment it is pugbnym.


more about bio-resonance:

Everyone at birth is full of energy supply and health, which are spent and unfortunately irreplaceable. With time comes a time when you need to think about how to repair these indicators. And here is a man himself and he needs to somehow take care of your body. This does not need anyone but himself.

Today rank first disease caused by parasites, namely: worms, fungi, viruses, protozoa and bacteria. in the world 99% of people infected with parasites.
In second place are the diseases that were caused by pharmacological illiterate and tools.
The third place is occupied - diseases that are associated with disorders of the endocrine, immune and nervous systems, or adverse factors that are created by the chelvek.

Today, the most effective, affordable control over their health is bioresonance therapy . It differs from the medicinal preparations (which affect the chemical processes in the body) is that it affects the processes which are basic in humans - electromagnetic oscillations and vibrations characteristic of all organs and systems chelvoeka leading them to a normal state.

Slim system of knowledge about bio-resonance therapy , evidence-based approach, a positive experience known Scientists and doctors gained over decades, for some reason are still available and known only to a small percentage of people, the most curious, longing to know themselves and perfection. And for good reason: bioresonance therapy breaks down conventional ideas about methods of healing, breaks the traditional links in the chain of patient - physician - pharmacist - a doctor at This showing better results in comparison with the necessary medication treatment.

Devices bio-resonance therapy

From the above we can see that the devices operating on the basis of bio-resonance - a good tool for the control of parasites and the possibility zavtavit your body to work properly. So why is devices whose operation is based on the bio-resonance can not be'll see in regular pharmacies? It's simple - pharmaceutical industry is a constant source of profit, while using the devices you will be able to abandon the tablet medication. Since the devices can continue to be operated for several years, the first devices that were designed 18 years ago to work to this day. Imagine the amount of money that a person would be able to save money, not to spend on drugs. It is for this reason that in the official medicine rarely a recommendation on the use of this equipment.

No one had any doubt that the muscle can develop the ability to think regular workouts. Devices bio-resonance therapy restore and maintain the rhythms, oscillatory processes of the human body in the natural ranges in the regular passing sessions bio-resonance therapy on the impact of specific programs. These programs support  to 360 depending on the disease and its localization. The more programs - the more precise impact on the disease agent or agency in need of rehabilitation. Devices bioresonant Therapy affect the frequencies of the body, the power of influence - at the level of natural internal processes. There is only mild correction, here fully respect the principle of «do no harm» .

Devices bio-resonance therapy the impact of certain frequencies on parasites, viruses, fungi in the body, thereby killing them,  and thus, without affecting the frequency of the life of the organism, since the frequencies lie outside pathogens frequency band of the human life.

Parasites Man
77-900 kHz 1000-10000 kHz

life parasites frequency does not interfere with the frequency of human life.