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DeInfo (Therapy 8)

Another unique device Deta - is the ability to reprogram them for each individual! Therapy 8 - a software package that will help you set up your portable device Deta as you wish! This is necessary in order to achieve the maximum benefit from their use!

What's New in DeInfo (Therapy 8):
  • updated design;
  • friendly interface;
  • usability;
  • advanced;
  • easy installation.

program «DeInfo» does not require installation on your computer: you simply insert Flash -programmer into the USB port and start working! Allows you to create new treatment program, using frequencies in a given range and adjusting the time of which can be stored in one or another section of the "Book of therapy programs," and used many times. The database contains about 3,000 programs to choose treatment programs in almost any disease.

software devices DETA - DeInfo(Therapy 8.0)

has a number of new features:
  1. DeInfo (Therapy 8.0) does not require installation on your computer and settings.
  2. Programmer is the key and the support of the program at the same time. When connected to the USB port is recognized as a normal flash drive and DETA-device.
  3. DeInfo (Therapy 8.0) independently identifies the instrument connected to it, it shows the image and the type and connects it available to the database.
  4. DeInfo (Therapy 8.0) contains two base programs:
    • For now existing devices - 1600 programs for «DETA-Ritm» and 1100 programs for «DETA-AP»;
    • for new generation devices - 1600 programs for «DETA-Ritm» and 1540 programs for «DETA-AP».
  5. DeInfo (Therapy 8.0) has a very strong system of information protection - 2 265 degrees. This allows us to update the program and database via the Internet.
  6. DeInfo (Therapy 8.0) allows you to create any number of systems (user programs) for devices DETA-Ritm.
  7. DeInfo (Therapy 8.0) allows you to store data and medical history of the patients in the archive.
  8. DeInfo (Therapy 8.0) supports basic interface languages: Russian, English, German, French and Spanish.