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Indicator Deta-Test

Indicator «DETA-Test» - an indispensable tool of every owner of devices «Ritm» and «AP».

Instantly identify the level and quality of the transmitted signal. This is necessary in case if the desired outcomes are not achieved. «DETA-Test» will tell you whether the device needs repair, or if the instrument is in order, you should consult a doctor and to change the treatment program.

Just turn

«DETA-Test» and bring to it the appliance series «AP» or «Ritm». The indicator will determine the type of the device (on the panel corresponding LED), and the signal will light up: green - DUT is operating normally, yellow - the signal is, but not intense enough (you may need to replace the batteries), red - the device is not working and needs repair.

simplicity and reliability «DETA-Test» already tested and confirmed in series production, Series «AP» and «Ritm».

Attention! For those who use the device, the indicator «DETA-Test»! Devices «DETA-Ritm» and «DETA-AP» M2 modifications have other options antenna circuit than the devices «DETA-Ritm» and «DETA-AP» first modification.

Devices «DETA-Test» tuned to the antenna units only modification M2. Therefore, the results of testing instruments «DETA-Ritm» and «DETA-AP» first modification by the indicator «DETA-Test» are not always reliable. On the instruments of the first modification indicator may show a weak signal or no, even when in fact the radiation is within acceptable limits. Negative indicator «DETA-Test» do not prove the fault of devices «DETA-Ritm» and «DETA-AP» first modification. These statements are only valid for devices «DETA-Ritm» M2 and «DETA-AP» M2.

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