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Company Deta-Elis - it is not just a company that manufactures portable medical devices deta! In our company, there is also and diagnostic equipment through which you can put the most accurate and reliable diagnosis!

several unique diagnostic Deta:

The first - and probably the most important thing in our diagnosis is that it can be carried out in any convenient place for you! Because it is portable and it is easy to take with you and go to the sick at home, where you will be able to put him diagnosed!

second - not less important is the fact that our diagnosis gives credibility to 95% -98% and more than that, the doctor can tell you what hurts, where it hurts, why it hurts and how it hurts! And so, you will spend a minimum of time!

third - time! We are all busy people and run blood tests for clinics we do not! Due to the diagnosis using the diagnostic equipment company Deta-Elis for 1.5-2 hours to learn about your body all!

Fourth - the Day! Let me describe one more, but also a very important part of any diagnostic tests or whether giving blood, or that serious, everywhere you give your money, and as a result get inaccurate results and loss of time! With our diagnostic purposes you will spend a bit of time to learn about your body and all your money will be spent in less than a few times! Also very nice! Agree!

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Unlike portable devices DETA-AP and DETA-RITM are designed for use by anyone, there is a series of professional equipment designed for physicians. Professional device DETA-Professional allows you to not only work with a wide range of diseases but also to diagnose them.

most complete kit for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases at the professional level is presented in the instrument Deta-Professional.

It can help you carry out:

  • medical testing and diagnostics by R. Voll,
  • electromagnetic therapy with the device of special design, allowing to carry out general and local therapy;
  • diagnostics and drug testing by the method of R. Voll,
  • electroacupuncture therapy (range 0.1 - 100 Hz - digital display of frequency to 0.01 Hz, the frequency of manual installation - "rough - just" mode wave swing change with the passage over the range 0.5 - 3 minutes in a small range of frequencies and around range continuously variable intensity of therapy 0 - 300 V, all of the pulse shape);
  • H.Shimmelya diagnosis method (using the device for vegetative resonance test "VEGA-TEST"),
  • diviatsiya frequency field therapy in a given range;
  • bioresonance therapy for F.Morell;
  • complex therapy;

the method allows the doctor nothing more is required as the device has a self-sufficiency. The set is available electrodes - more than 11 items, as well as an AC adapter.