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C using the most modern methods of storing and recording properties of the energy- of drugs has been developed such a device as " DETA-PHARMA " (DETA-FARM), which contains information on more than 20,000 drugs given potential. Selector DETA-PHARMA (DETA-FARM) is to carry a medical test by the method of R. Voll, has the ability to connect to any scan tool and append 28000 drugs.

Selector is available in three versions:

  1. basic list of drugs - drugs firms "HEEL", "Staufen-Pharma", "WALA", V.N.Sarchuka drugs, radionuclides and isotopes.
  2. basic list + preparations for vegetative resonance test (1570 titles),
  3. basic list + drugs VEGA-test + additional list of medicines (3000 items) - Reckeweg, Penterkan, MERIDIANKOMPLEXE, Cosmochema, Nestman, Pascoe, PROMO-PHARMA, Fiale Test, Wala, Wala Compositions, Staufen - Pharma.

The Vegetative Resonance Test is a diagnostic method, registering the unique signatures of electroconductivity when a test-preparation is introduced into a circuit of measurement, this indicates the presence or absence of certain disturbances in different organs and systems.

Vegetative resonance determines

  • Functional disorders in organs and systems via biologically active points of the organism.
  • Location of the initially affected organ; the most disturbed organ; the whole pathological chain.
  • Clarification of the type of pathology (inflammation, destruction, degeneration, the presence of tumors, and their nature).
  • Diagnosis of various pre-pathological disorders at the pre-clinical stage of disease, when the symptoms are implicit or absent.
  • Reveals the hidden psychological causes of physical illnesses (insecurity, resentment, fear etc.).
  • The level of psychological stress and physical exhaustion.
  • The level of tension or exhaustion of the endocrine and immune systems.
  • Deficits in vitamins, microelements, minerals and enzymes.
  • Detection of allergens (more than 300 kinds) without skin damage.
  • Evaluation of effectiveness or ineffectiveness of medicines taken and potential side effects.
  • The presence and character of intoxication (inherent or acquired) in the organism.
  • Analysis of general energetic balance of the organism, and determines real adaptation limits, the biological age of the organism and its systems and organs.
  • Assessment of the state of the metabolism and the level of acid- alkaline balance( pH) of the body.
  • Detection of any type of virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites (more than 400 kinds), their localization and level of activity in the body.
  • Detects the presence of poisonous heavy metals and other toxic elements such as: pesticides, herbicides, nitrates etc. in the body (there are more than 100 kinds).
  • Evaluates the influence of geopathogenic, radiative, electric and magnetic loading effects on the organism.
  • Discovers problems in the spinal vertebrae and their influence on the development of diseases.


selector takes the form stand-alone unit with LCD display and membrane keypad. The display is designed to show the drug. Instrument control software can be performed using EAVPRO v3.0 or on the device keypad. To test the device allows you to connect more than 18 medications.

Also included is a device for diagnostics by R. Voll, which is designed for the individual selection of medicines, jewelry, cosmetics and medicinal herbs. Very popular device uses the doctors - dentists (with his help, they make the selection of dental materials for each patient individually.) The device often buy for individual selection of frequencies in the electromagnetic therapy.