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Referring to the hospital and the doctor said that in order to deliver reliable diagnosis You need to go to the lab, where you will spend a couple of expensive procedures and "reveal the cause of" , but usually analyzes that we rent a conventional labs do not show us almost nothing, and the money spent, no one will return.

All would be well if the problem goes away by itself, but it is not solved, and perhaps even exacerbated, the parasites that live inside of you have not gone away, just analyzes that gives us a common laboratory have very little accuracy

Why is this so? In order to diagnose the parasite , we take as an example pinworms , we all know that in the laboratory to diagnose pinworms, we are told, "you need to do a smear-scraping" for worm eggs.

Do you take this as a result of stroke and write the following - " eggs of worms - not found ". So write, because I just did not catch pinworms in the incubation period, when it was on the surface and bred, the parasite could not go back into the rectum, and there exist peacefully.

Diagnostics whole body equipment Deta

VRT diagnostika vegetative resonance test (ART or VEGA-test), method of diagnosis , which appeared as a result of further development of the method of R. Voll. Creator of ART believe the German scientist H. Schimmel (1978).

It enables a comprehensive approach to the study of the current state of the human body, time to identify the risk of developing pathological protsessovdo how will be the first symptoms of the disease, identify the root cause, specify the pathogenic mechanisms of the disease and to identify ways to restore health plan individual treatment measures.

The basis of this diagnosis is discovery - the oscillatory nature of all living things on earth. All around us emit electromagnetic waves, including our internal organs. For VRT important is that in a functional sense, the human body is a combination of multiple oscillatory processes that interact with each other in harmony and unison (synchronized) and define homeostasis (constant internal environment) of the organism as a whole.

At the same time, each of potologicheskomu, infectious pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus, etc.), autoimmune, degenerative, onco-process has its own frequency (marker) equivalent.

In the management of homeostasis

key roles autonomic nervous system, which performs the functions and management, and the integration of all information (including - electromagnetic) signals within the body. Addressing their autonomic nervous system, you can catch her response to the vibrations of those who care for the body. This response manifests as a resonance phenomenon.

Database medekomentoznogo selector, by which is being tested, contains information about the frequencies of the marker corresponding to healthy internal organs, their various altered states of pathological processes of the body, as well as the frequency of different pathogens viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and helminths . By connecting these frequencies, the doctor can determine the cause and the abuses by the presence of a resonance in a biologically active point.

on biologically active points (BAP) is applied, the frequency of the marker - an electronic copy of the state, the causative agent, process, buyout doctor considers it necessary to check, change of skin resistance BAT is in the body resonance (finds similarity) to the requested rate as fixed by the hardware and the answer is "YES", ie the desired state, the causative agent or process - is present if there is no response - a response "NO».

Diagnosis by VRT - a process of recognition of functional or clinical status of human health by identifying the nature of interactions between organs, systems, and various processes in these organs and systems using test-pointers.

vegetative resonance test allows you to detect violations at a deep level, even when there are no obvious symptoms and prevent many diseases. Thus, using the ART may be determined:

  • viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths (worms), mites in the body
  • disruption of the gastrointestinal tract
  • indication of the benign tumor oncology, cystic processes
  • toxic load (burdening mercury, vaccines and drugs)
  • presence of allergies, rheumatoid diseases
  • vegetative stress, the mental condition of the body, exhaustion or stress the autonomic nervous system
  • lymph weights, cholesterol level
  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • geopathic, radioactive electromagnetic stress on the body
  • biological, photonic, endocrine indices of human DNA index, which gives information about the presence or absence of congenital intoxication and genetic disorders
  • state of the endocrine (hormone deficiency or excess, the definition of diabetes), and immune systems (determination of immune status, presence of immunodeficiency)
  • deficiency of minerals, trace elements, enzymes, vitamins, disturbance of acid-base balance in the body
  • reserves adaptation

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Methods of diagnosis of the equipment Deta

Creator diagnostic equipment, Sergei Petrovich Konoplyev tells diagnostic equipment and diagnostic methods for equipment Deta-Elis .