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Portable beauty device Deta-Cosmo

The revolutionary technology of the company DETA-ELIS - device «Deta-Cosmo»

Deta-Cosmo - is the first cosmetological device of the company Deta-Elis. But unlike many cosmetics that affect only the appearance, Cosmo operates precisely and deeper. Its know-how is a unique quantum console, which works in conjunction with the already famous Ritm-15. High constant therapeutic and cosmetic effect is achieved by dual action of low-wave electromagnetic radiation and light quanta. Ritm-15 treats our diseased organ - it is our therapist. A quantum console - is a cosmetologist, which eliminates defects on the face, caused by the malfunction of the body. Session of cosmetic device is comparable to botox injections.

In the device

«DETA-Cosmo» more fully is implemented a comprehensive approach to treatment - one of the main tenets of DETA-medicine.

Terms of use of the instrument Deta-Cosmo

  1. The devices Deta-Cosmo should be set to the desired program.
  2. Turn on Deta-Cosmo on the program execution .
  3. The device must be located in the projection of the organ , if so is specified in the methodological recommendations.
  4. The quantum console must be located at the distance from the place of impact, when there is heat and light pulses.
  5. The quantum console must be moved smoothly with the speed 1 .. 2 cm / sec.
  6. Along lines which are indicated in the figure must be a linear movement.
  7. Circular motion clockwise, if was specify a small area - must use circular movement.
  8. If multiple zones, then do 3 +4 circular motion on one area, move on to another, etc. Then go back to the first. The cycle repeated itself - zonal movement.
  9. Frequencies of the programs replace one another, and you are guided by feelings. You can not lose the feeling of warmth from quantum console.

Smoothing of facial wrinkles with Deta-Cosmo

 Smoothing of facial wrinkles with Deta-Cosmo

Facial wrinkles are mostly formed for several reasons:

  1. Collagen and elastin bars are attenuated . This problem is solved with the help of the first program of smoothing wrinkles.
  2. Facial wrinkles. Most often be avoided by monitoring yourself and the facial expressions.
  3. Problems with internal organs are reflected in some parts of the face. We will solve these issues by subsequent programs.
  4. Skin aging. This problem can not be solved, but we can push it in to the maximum possible time in future with the device Deta-Cosmo.

Basic programs of the device Deta-Cosmo

 Portable device Deta-Cosmo
  1. Smoothing of facial wrinkles -the program strengthens collagen columns and returns the skin's elasticity.
  2. Improving of the faces tonus - removes fatigue, sagging of the skin, improves skin tone, rejuvenate, slows the natural aging process, improves metabolism.
  3. Regulation of female endocrine system
  4. Regulation of male endocrine system
    The hormonal background of the middle-aged men disposes to disturbances, which leads to the appearance of age spots, sagging, and dryness of the skin and, as a consequence, the loss of male confidence, malaise and weakness.
      The program is used:
    • The violation of urination
    • Prostate adenoma
    • Acute and chronic prostatitis
    • Cystitis
    • Urethritis
    • Orchitis
    • Potency disorders
  5. Improving the work of liver - normalizes liver and removes the main sign of chronic liver disease - spider veins. It is slightly elevated above the skin surface small pulsating tumor, from which in the form of rays diverge small vascular branches
  6. Stimulation of the nervous system
    Symptoms of nervous exhaustion:
    • Chronic fatigue, constant sleepiness and lethargy
    • Presence of anxiety and negative thoughts
    • Bad, intermittent and shallow sleep, trouble with falling asleep
    • Arrhythmias, increased heart rate, pressure surges. Risk of hypertensive crisis.
    • Migraines and headaches
    • Unexplained constant increase in temperature to 37 degrees
    • Chronic nagging cold, stuffy nose, runny nose and cough
  7. Regulation of the stomach
  8. Regulation digestion
  9. Rid of constipation
  10. Stimulation of kidney function - swelling around the eyes speak of serious violations in the body, it is either a violation of water exchange, or abnormal kidney function.
  11. Normalization thyroid function
  12. Regulation of the cardiovascular system
  13. Improving the work of spleen
  14. Pancreas and healthy skin
  15. Vision correction
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