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On average, more than 150 parasites live in the body of every person. How often do you ride the subway or bus, talk to other people who are holding the items of general use?

It is simply not possible to avoid infection! So why do we have to feed the parasite before it poisons our body, take tablets that not only cause side effects, but also kill necessary human microflora?

Do you want to be healthy? There is a reasonable solution for you - the portable Deta-AP device

 Series devices Deta-AP DETA portable devices do not have counterparts in the world. These unique devices combine modern science in human exposure to specific frequencies according to the methods of Royal Rife, Dr. Clauss, Dr. Neske and Dr. Voll, K.Sillinga, O.Kollmera and Paul Schmidt, via the methodology of impact by weak electromagnetic fields.

Working principles

The low frequency range of 0.1 Hz-10 kHz of Deta-AP makes it possible to cure many diseases by a specifically designed program. For organs and tissues of the human body, the range in which Deta-AP works is not dangerous - it is lethal for parasitic microorganisms however via a highly specific program.

A range of programs use specific electromagnetic frequencies for each type of organism, which destroy micro-organisms at the molecular level. The electromagnetic coupling between the molecules is torn during exposure to Deta-AP, so the microorganism literally splits into molecules - as shown on the following video:

The methodology for treatment programs of this device is simple and easy to understand, nor does their use does require any specialist training.

Treatment with the Deta-AP device

High-precision frequency setting, as a fundamental feature of the device, impacts not only parasites, but also viruses, fungi and other infections. It can be used to treat both adults and children. Treatment is carried out with regard to the location of treatment that consists of individual sessions.

The therapeutic effect of the electromagnetic field starts to work at a distance of 1.5m. Place the device close to the site of inflammation so you can have a more obvious therapeutic effect. For example, to get rid of foot fungus the device should be located close to the legs; to recover from a viral infection close to the body, if a particular organ pathology is concerned, then near the appropriate organ.

Necessary treatment with device «Deta-AP»

To achieve a therapeutic effect you need a course of treatment of at least 5 sessions. The number of sessions is determined by the degree of neglect of the disease. With long-standing disease the course is extended to 6 or 7 sessions, and then there should be a break for a couple of weeks. Then, at the end of a course of therapy you need to get tested with the DETA-AP device so you confirm the problem is completely solved.

Remember that in the course of treatment by the device "DETA-AP" your illness can get worse - low-frequency electromagnetic radiation has a killer effect on parasites, causing their death, the by-products getting into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Dead parasitic organisms are removed from your body in about 3-4 days, which can cause general toxic reactions. Symptoms of this can include:

  • malaise,
  • fever,
  • weakness,
  • possible - nausea.

This problem can be solved with the help of the DETA-RITM Device.

What do we do in this case? Increase the time between sessions to give your body more time to recover. After all, treatment should not be a heavy burden on an already weakened system. It is therefore important not to neglect observation of the reactions of your body to therapy. For detoxifying it is better to use the program "Drainage" - making the process go much faster, which means there will be a reduced shock to the body.

Remember: DETA-AP 20 is a medical device and the manufacturer does not recommend use of the device for more than 1 in every 3 or 4 days for the removal of worms. Bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. are destroyed by using the DETA-AP device to 2 times a day, alternating with the "Drainage" program. If your immune system is weakened, or if you have an chronic disease, the optimal way to use the device is 1 day a week.

Treatment must occur in a specific order:

  1. Getting rid of worms, as this is the largest parasite. Poisoning the body via their waste products, they interfere with recovery from viral infection.
  2. Getting rid of the simplest organisms.
  3. Treatment of fungal diseases.
  4. Bactericidal effect.
  5. Antiviral therapy.

If you follow this order, the procedure will not be stressful for your body.

If after a therapy session you feel unwell, it is a clear sign of success via the death of large numbers of parasites. In this case, increase the number of procedures under the program "Drainage" (detoxification) to 5 programs a day and remember to drink more water each day. The next session will be taken after 2-3 days, so the body has to have time to clean out itself.

Programming the device

The Deta-AP can apply more then more than 3,000 programs in "Therapy-7" or "8-Therapy." «Deta-AP» tunes to cure any patient according to this accurate diagnosis, and you just need to re-program the device using the programmer. However, there is one "but": the "Deta-8" series and below can not be reprogrammed using the "Therapy" computer program - and this should therefore be noted.

Types of microorganisms which can be destroyed by the electromagnetic field "Deta-AP device :

  • Viruses - 90 species.
  • bacteria - 91 species.
  • fungi - 61 species.
  • Elementary - 31 species.
  • helminths - 33 species.

Deta-AP series devices

Deta-AP 20

 Portable device Deta-ap-20 Basic programs of the portable device Deta-AP 20:

  1. Drainage therapy
  2. Ascaris
  3. Pinworms
  4. Giardia
  5. Helicobacter
  6. Candida
  7. Trichomoniasis
  8. Chlamydia
  9. Mycoplasma
  10. Staph infection
  11. Streptococcal infection
  12. Escherichia coli
  13. onychomycosis
  14. HPV infection
  15. Herpes
  16. Epstein-Barr
  17. Cytomegalovirus
  18. Influenza with respiratory component
  19. Antiseptic
  20. Inflammation
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Deta-AP 13

Portable device Deta-ap-13 Basic programs of the portable device Deta-AP 13

  1. Drainage therapy
  2. worming
  3. Overall Antibacterial
  4. Candida
  5. Staphylococci
  6. Streptococci
  7. Escherichia coli
  8. Salmonella
  9. SARS
  10. Herpes
  11. Ringworm
  12. Chlamydia
  13. papilloma virus
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