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The devices of new generation

Life Balance and Life expert - the devices of new generation

We want to be competitive for our clients and to keep pace with new technologies. That is why we have launched new portable devices Life Balance and Life Expert – best solution for those, who want to maintain their health and youth.

Life Balance is a small, portable, chargeable device which combines ant-parasite protection programs, therapeutic programs and energy general-purpose program. The device can be programmed without a programming tool through the standard USB cable. The Life Balance works on Li-Ion battery and has a color screen with a multilingual menu. You also get the opportunity to change the signal level depending on your issue and well-being.

Life Expert is a natural bio systems testing device. By testing the functional state of 47 major organs and systems, the device allows to get comparative analysis of indicators and realize how food, bad habits, abrupt weather change or environmental situation may affect human health. With the help of PC software, the device shows how the entire body and every organ taken separately react to such factors and accommodates to them. Test results are displayed in a simple percentage scoring system and highlighted by relevant colors. All details are set forth in the comments to the percentage system. It is easy to understand for any person and doesn’t require any special medical knowledge. The complex is user-friendly. Readings are taken via electrodes attached to the head, right and left hand and right and left leg.

New technologies are on guard of your health. You cannot buy a new life but you can upgrade the one you have.

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