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Ascarids are large roundworms Their length can reach up to 40 centimeters. Very often they hit the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, causing ascariasis. Recently noticed that ascarids can migrate throughout the body of man escaping from antibiotic treatment. Ascarids worms are bisexual.

Ascarids cause disease called - Ascaridosis

Favorite habitat of the of adult individuals is small intestine. . Females roundworm can produce a more than 200,000 eggs per day.

Ascarids can damage the small intestine, bowel obstruction, perforated peritonitis, bronchitis, focal pneumonia, coughing up blood, a disease of the pancreas and liver.

Ascarids freely move along the gastrointestinal tract, which is why they can crawl into the respiratory organs, causing suffocation. There is a possibility of penetration of worms in the frontal sinuses, urogenital organs, lacrimonasal canal, middle ear, the ear canal. You can get infected with ascarids if you eat unwashed vegetables or fruits, meat or products contaminated with ascarids.

Parasitism of ascarids in the lungs often causes an allergic reaction, which is often appears in the form of asthma or skin rashes. The constant presence of parasites in the gut leads to inflammation of the intestinal wall and dysbacteriosis.