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Worms - is a parasitic worm that lives in the human, animal, plant. According to estimates in the United States, now in the world 95% -99% of people have parasites.

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Virus - infectious agent that can live inside living cells. Viruses are very well adapted to the environment, so the medication does not always bring the desired result.

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Bacteria - bacteria, unicellular often. In everyday life, the number of bacteria is a huge amount, for example on the handles trolleys major stores up to 1,100 colonies per 10 square centimeters. There are many ways to protect themselves from bacteria, in particular, and the devices deta.

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Fungi - the realm of nature, combining eukaryotic organisms that combine some features, both plants and animals. Fungi can grow on the tile, stone, concrete. These parasitic plants, animals or humans cause skin lesions, organs, mucous membranes.

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The simplest

The simplest - a group of organisms that were previously attributed to the animal kingdom. In humans, protozoa can cause a variety of abnormalities in the deviations in the work of the organs. Settle in the organs and lead to serious illnesses such as malaria.

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