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Sinusitis - infection

Sinusitis - an inflammation that occurs in the maxillary paranasal sinuses. In case of complications of acute rhinitis, influenza, measles, scarlet fever and other infectious diseases.

There are two main causes of sinusitis. This bacteria and viruses that enter our body through the nasal cavity or through the bloodstream, penetrating into the maxillary sinus.


  • constant stuffy nose, voice changes. Impaired nasal breathing.
  • runny nose. Nasal discharge is purulent yellow or green. Rhinitis may not be if the nose is strongly laid.
  • painful and unpleasant feeling in the paranasal area, as well as the inclination of the head.
  • often introduce to an increase in temperature (acute sinusitis).
  • weakness, drowsiness, malaise.


Maxillary sinus is in close proximity to the brain, according to this, to have a center of infection in the head, is extremely dangerous!

meningitis - inflammation of the meninges, is the most dangerous complication that can develop into a chronic purulent sinusitis. There is a risk of myocarditis, hypertension, nerve disorders.


used for the treatment of sinusitis medications and physiotherapy, in the case of acute sinusitis launched surgical treatment. First of all, the treatment of sinusitis is aimed to ensure the outflow of mucus and relieving swelling of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity.


medicines based on the use of local procedures - inhalers, sprays, nasal drops. Appointed by the anti-bacterial and anti-histamines medikamenty.Chasto patients prescribed physiotherapy - UFO, UHF, etc. At body temperature above 38 º appointed antipyretic drugs.

Acute sinusitis is running, the patient is prescribed a puncture (puncture), maxillary sinus, in order to evacuate the pus and to introduce anti-inflammatory drugs. Also in purulent sinusitis with antibiotics.

Treatment medical devices DETA (DETA)

In order to cure sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, you need to use it, first of all, the services of ENT doctor. Need to pass the swab and see what organisms live there. From chronic sinusitis and need to get rid of one and another device.

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