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Headache - pain in the skull, often a symptom of various diseases and pathological conditions.

In most cases, vascular disorders, the cause of the headache associated with the expansion or spasm of blood vessels in the skull. It is also important to distinguish the symptom of migraine, which is its special case.

types of headache

  1. Vascular headache
  2. Headache muscle tension
  3. liquorodynamic headache
  4. Neuralgia headache
  5. hallucinatory headache, or psihalgiya
  6. Headache mixed origin
  7. hangover headache


cause headache pain is - some impact (mechanical, chemical or thermal) way to sensitive receptors. Receptors are found in the soft tissues of the head - the skin, the muscles in the walls of the arteries of the surface of the head, the dura, in the vessels of the base of the brain - the pain that a person feels, is the perception of different nerve impulses

most common causes of headaches:

  • neuroses;
  • somatogenetic neurotic state of nature;
  • depression


local treatment may be the case only if the identified cause of headache.


To counter headache medications are often used drugs: analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Less commonly used vasoactive drugs and psychotropic drugs, potentiating the action of analgesics.


Treatment with osteopathic treatments, osteopath using special techniques relieves spasms that can cause headaches and shifts the bodies to the optimum position.


published a study confirming the weakening or disappearance of headaches Botox injections and surgical removal of the corresponding muscles

Treatment medical devices Deta-Elis

for headache treatment programs can be used appliance Deta-Ritm: "Circulation", "Circulation of the head", "Spasms of various origins," "anti-pain".