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Wart - mostly benign tumor of the skin

Wart - mostly benign tumor of the skin, often of viral etiology of the form nodules or papillae. Called by different viruses man papillomatosis.


main predisposing factors for which the occurrence of warts is trauma, decreased immune responsiveness, vegetonevroz, acrocyanosis, and excessive sweating of the hands and soles of the skin. The transfer agent is in active contact with the patient, as well, through the common goods.

There are four types of warts

  • Ordinary (vulgar) warts - it's painless horny elevations, the size of which can be from pinhead to a pea. Surface - dry, dense with an irregular villous. The most frequently located on the hands.
  • flat, or youth, warts the occurrence of which usually occurs in children and adolescents to irritation of the skin (in the areas of cuts, scratches, etc.). They have a rounded or irregular form of flat nodules. Basically, flat warts are located on the back surface portion of the hands and face.
  • Genital warts - it is a very small nodules that form papilliform overgrowth of soft consistency on the basis of a form of legs. Develop, often with untidiness content of the skin in the groin area, on the genitals, mezhyagodichnoy folds.
  • Senile warts, - it's dark colors plaques covered with loose-impregnated sebum, horny masses. Senile warts are not related to a viral infection that affects the elderly. Mainly located on the face, neck, torso.


effectiveness of treatment of warts by all means reaches about 75%.

Medical methods

For the treatment of virus-induced warts used antiviral drugs or immunization against the virus. But flat warts is not always acceptable. Breaking chemotherapy - preparations containing acid: Ferezol, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, 5-fluorouracil (in the form of ointments, applications, creams), the topical application of retinoic acid can lead to the disappearance of warts. Suitable immunotherapy - the injection of antigens or candida trichophytin USP, or modern variants - imikvidazohinolinamina use low molecular weight derivatives which are inducers of cytokines, such as interferon.


Ordinary, age and flat warts with liquid nitrogen freezing destroys, chloroethyl, dimethyl ether, a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, or "dry ice", electrocoagulation, galvanic current, current D'Arsonval. Genital warts are treated surgically. Plantar warts are sometimes destroy repeated administration under the base of novocaine as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Treatment portable devices Deta-Elis

The device Deta-AP - programs for the human papilloma virus, but first set the program to helminth infections. Naturally, it would be appropriate to make the diagnosis.

example, recently conducted treatment of warts, when a young man of 13 years have begun to treat warts, just started with helminths. After completing the course of a dozen warts helminths was only one. Therefore, we must begin with cleansing to the body. Plus the human papilloma virus.