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Bioresonance therapy

On our site there is a simple description of the phenomenon - the bio-resonance, this story can be read here


Bioresonance therapy is correction functions. Bioresonance is aimed at neutralizing pathological and physiological conditions of the body recovery. The impact occurs at the cellular level. This method allows the treat many diseases without the use of pharmacological means.


is known that the activity of living organisms is accompanied by the appearance of small fixed and variable electric currents and associated electric and magnetic fields.

can say that electrical phenomena in the body are inextricably linked to their living condition and are the basis of all the processes from the origin of life and ending with the transfer of information. Seem at first look small electromagnetic fields molecules, cells, organs, tissues and systems of the body constantly have a regulatory impact on the course of all the functions.

Life on Earth is developing against electromagnetic fields, resonating with such diverse fields and forces of the universe. Therefore, the existence of living organisms as complexly association of molecules and atoms in the world of electromagnetic waves determined the optimal interaction of countless electromagnetic fields of the body with some components of the radiation electromagnetic spectrum coming from the space, as well as from the sun and the Earth.

The external electromagnetic fields can modulate the electromagnetic signals of the individual, resulting in violations "of the electromagnetic balance", and control the organism. There is some evidence that the basis of a various diseases are disorders electromagnetic resonance frequency of body cells.

concept of diagnosis and treatment "Bioinformatics methods" is to search for pathological foci and systems with "abnormal" electromagnetic fields and selection of such medicinal products, the elements of which are capable of resonate in harmony with the "normal" electromagnetic frequencies nerve cells in order to remove disharmonious field Disturbing. The fields of bio-information centers and systems entering into a harmonious resonance with certain receptor molecules body at the atomic and subatomic (protons, nuclei, particles) level, able to carry the information to transmit energy and restore normal body functions.

essence of the phenomenon of resonance, in a nutshell, is reduced to strengthening of the effect of repeated exposure, the coincidence frequency, acting on a particular object (in our case bioobject) with its own frequency. For example, the receiver to playback signal transmitting station must have an oscillatory circuit tuned to the resonance of the transmitting loop. In this case, dramatically increases the sensitivity of the receiver to the signal of this particular station, and that this signal is allocated to all the others.

Bioresonance therapy is attractive not only for patients but and for physicians. First, the diagnostic potential of bio-resonance therapy unusually broad. Possible not only to determine the source and nature of the disease, but also to optimize its treatment method since predicts the possible side effects of drugs preparations. Secondly, the range of diseases treatable by bio-resonance therapy is unusually wide. Successful results have been obtained in treating diseases such as immune suppression system, allergies, intolerance to dental materials, all types of toxicity, poorly healing wounds and ulcers, diseases cardiovascular and digestive systems, the various gynecological and urological diseases, sleep disorders, and many others.

How treats bioresonance therapy?

As mentioned above, the body is a source of very weak electromagnetic oscillations. These fluctuations are called physiological or harmonic. They are inherent in a healthy body. If the person ill or any of its organs begin to malfunction in there are sources of new body, pathological oscillations. They lead to a breach of physiological balance.

If the body alone can not maintain the balance between physiological and pathological oscillations, suppressing the past to the minimum level, the disease progresses. The simplest way to remedy the situation - bioresonance "purified" signals organism.

electromagnetic oscillations "removed" by the electrode and the electric cable fed to the input device. There they are specially treated, divided into pathological and physiological components, after which the resulting oscillations of the second cable return to the patient.

Opportunities bio-resonance therapy can be extended by using multiresonant therapy. This treatment by environmental signals with which the organism of resonance. Similar principles are used in color therapy, the treatment of precious stones, metals, magnetic fields, sounds, etc. By the way, is a popular destination, as Homeopathy is also a kind of mul'tirezonansnoy therapy.

Not dangerous this kind of treatment?

Often the question arises - "Is not it dangerous to this treatment?"
The answer is quite simple-" not ". What
As contraindications, it is by far not reveal their succeeded. The fact that any contraindications or based on hypersensitive to drugs, or associated with any side effects of the drug - and that bioresonance therapy is not offers a "blind" treatment when the patient first appointed drug tolerance and then evaluated.

If as therapeutic measures used properly bioresonance therapy, which is used in the device Deta-Ritm , that is, the treatment effect of weak electromagnetic oscillations generated by the instrument, talk about intolerance or side effects simply does not make sense.

Another reason why you can not harm humans, killing the parasite by bio-resonance therapy. This is because people are parasites and live entirely on different frequencies.

Parasites Man
77-900 kHz 1000-10000 kHz

Features bio-resonance therapy:

have bio-resonance therapy is very wide range of possibilities. Some of the features are listed below, this is not a comprehensive list, so do not despair if you do not see your problem among this list. Contact our consultant and he will respond to your questions.

  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • treatment of allergies;
  • Identify intolerance of dental materials;
  • Treatment of all types of toxicosis
  • treatment of poorly healing wounds and ulcers;
  • treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and
  • treatment of various gynecological and urological diseases;
  • treatment of sleep disorders and many other diseases and disorders.

Bioresonance - a therapy that frees the body from pathogenic factors blocking the body's energy. At full unless contraindicated, can reduce or Bioresonance completely eliminate the use of drugs, stores, organizes, and restores the disturbed equilibrium organism, is an alternative when you can not achieve full effect with conventional therapy aimed at restoring and normalization of the biological processes of cell structures and functional systems of the body, perfectly compatible with all other methods such as classical and traditional medicine.