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How to be healthy

Environmental pollution, poor quality of food and constant stress do their job - and permanent diseases become a problem for many of us. How to stop getting sick and start living a full, bright and healthy life?

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How do our devices work

People often ask the question of how does our equipment work. Specifically for this purpose we have created this article to disclose and explain the principles of work of the devices. Therefore we decided to dispel your doubts by posting this article.

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Bioresonance therapy

Science - a more advanced version of the explanation of bio-resonance therapy. Bioresonance therapy is              correction functions. Bioresonance is aimed at neutralizing              pathological and physiological conditions of the body recovery.              The impact occurs at the cellular level. This method allows the              treat…

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Bioresonance therapy

A simple version of the explanation is that bioresonance therapy. Each person at birth released energy and health. They are spent and, unfortunately, are irreplaceable. There comes a time when you need to take care of their mobilization and support and bring back to normal. Take care of maintaining the health of each person must. This does not need…

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