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How to pay for devices Deta-Elis

make payment for devices of Deta-Elis two ways:

payment to the bank account in the bank

For payment to the bank account in a bank, you need to have an account with your personal number, this number is necessary so that after the transfer of the bank, the money arrived in your personal account.

Step 1: Register

Register your account to have access to the company's online store. Registration link http://office.deta-elis.ru/24746

Only specify a valid email address.

In order to register, it is advisable to fill in all the fields in the registration form. Can be left blank only the "Nick".

If you do not mistakenly fill in some of the fields, the system will warn you about this, next to the empty field will have a red asterisk, it will inform you that the field is required.

Also, do not forget to mention your agreement to the terms of cooperation.

Once you sign up on your screen will appear with a form to enter data into the system, there will be written in your username and password, the data that will be used to log into the system.

Be careful! Login information will be duplicated in your mailbox if you do not remember the username and password, you can see them there.

dannye to log deta-elis

Remember your login, in the picture - it's the number "54516." Sign up - it's your personal number that will receive the money in the bank transfer.

Step 2: Addition of a personal account.

personal account, you need to pay for products in the online store of the company. Its completion is carried out by bank transfer or deposit to the personal account using WebMoney.

Article "How to order equipment Deta-Elis" , we understood about how to order the equipment and details how to register.

Payment is made in one of the most convenient bank, company accounts in different banks are listed below.

accounts of Deta-Elis:

LLC "DETA-ELIS" in OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" (branch-Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia JSC)
a / c number 40702810638150007607
cor / c number 30101810400000000225
BIC 044525225
TIN 7735570440
KPP 773501001

LLC "DETA-ELIS" in OJSC "Alfa-Bank" Moscow
a / c number 40702810302750000480
cor / c number 30101810200000000593
BIC 044525593
TIN 7735570440
KPP 773501001

LLC "DETA-ELIS 'in Moruya of" Industrial Bank "Moscow
a / c number 40702810700050004284
cor / c number 30101810300000000600
BIC 044525600
TIN 7735570440
KPP 773501001

«DETA-ELIS», LTD * - used to translate from Europe and further afield. Payments in Euros and Dollars.
INN 7735570440
RU, 124482, Moscow, Zelenograd, Savjolkinski proezd, d.4, of 2410

Corresspondent bank of Sberbank:
Beneficiary bank; Sberbank Moscow, Russia
SWIFT SABRRUMM. Beneficiary customer:
40702840238151007607 Account ($ USA)
40702978838151007607 Account (Euro)

Representation of "DETA-ELIS" in Ukraine
a / c number 26002060433501 in CF PUB Privat
MFO 305750
USREOU: 26511844

Exchange rates in the company:
$ 1 = 30 rubles
$ 1 = 8grn

After deposit, the money will come into your account within a few business days. Usually
operation takes about 3 days or 72 hours.

If you need to make payments faster, please contact us, we will try to help you.

* Attention! - Before the transfer hard currency (dollars, euros, rubles) from the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and other countries at the expense of the company, be sure to make the payment documents (contract and invoice).

After the money to the account, you can place an order for more on this see the article "How to order devices Deta -Elis "

Recharge via Webmoney.

To deposit via Webmoney, you need to login (online store). And there select the "Personal Account" -> "Deposit".

Next, you need to specify the amount by which you want to top up your account, and then click the "Go to replenish the account", and then make deposits via WebMoney.