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Deta-Line as a gift

«Deta-Line» - this is advice on all matters relating to the use of devices «Deta». The unit does not turn on? You do not know which software package to use in a particular case? Do you want to experienced consultants guide you through the course Deta-therapy? Call us - our specialists will help you.

«Deta-Line» offers you personally experience the benefits that provides remote consulting service. Now, each partner is able to get a gift card «Deta-Line» (limited duration).

What you need to get a gift card «Deta-Line»?

  • 1. Go in "Star input" or become a star - and get a map «Deta-Line» valid for 2 months (campaign unlimited).
  • 2. Buy instrument «Deta-Ritm» or «Deta-AP» - and get a map «Deta-Line» valid for 14 days (the action will last until November 1, 2013).

"Star sign" - purchase Programmer (Therapy 8.0) and devices Deta-AP and Deta-Ritm.

We appreciate your time and will accompany you on the road to health!