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Business Partnerships

One of company Deta-Elis - this franchise.

Ability to open his own consulting a medical center on their financial abilities .

Today, there are more than 50 centers Deta-Elis, the main problem centers - providing advice on health and support patients , provide advice on business opportunities and provide training for beginners entrepreneurs .

Brands of Deta-Elis.

Deta-System 8

Also in the task of counseling center part - implementation of the company's products Deta-Elis.

What good franchise ?

Franchising is one of the most secure and reliable forms of doing business, thanks to the franchise you practically run the risk , as opposed to the organization of business " from scratch ".

This is due to the fact that the franchise owners use proven successful business model . Many companies are trading for several years before deciding to expand the business in fact franchising. And when that decision is made , it is investing huge amounts of money effectively , work package of franchising, whereby partnerysmogut run your business as successful as the company's founders.

Pros franchise

Central to all franchisors is the obligation of careful preparation and ongoing support farnchayzingovoy network. This is beneficial for those people who have little or no experience in the management of their own business, because the training - it's not only receive information on products and services offered by the client, it's also a manual bookkeeping and proper execution of contracts with employees, here also includes technical assistance .

Interested In franchisor success of its partners and therefore provides them with the following support :

  • Workers . If your business has multiple shopping facilities , you will have to hire and manage a large number of employees , the franchisor can give you useful advice on what kind of people to hire, where to advertise to hire , and can also provide you with guidance on dealing with employees .
  • Wholesale purchases . Being a franchisee is favorable also because , no matter what you sell, you will always be able to save on raw materials , because the franchisor buys them in large quantities and therefore at a lower price .
  • Education . Even if you are not completely versed in the field that you chose for the business , the franchisor will teach you everything you need to successfully run your business, including the hiring of qualified employees. Of course , the owner of the franchise should possess the innate ability in business, as well as hard work . The rest can be learned .


If you're thinking about starting a business , buying a franchise can be one of the best options . A good franchisor will provide you with training, support and ongoing assistance , because his success - your success !

Franchise "Deta-Elis" - this is primarily to help people and the opportunity to open their own business with minimal risk : a stable support from the company at all stages of business development , and brand recognition - a guarantee of the success of every new venture.