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Company History

development of medical products began in 1992, the NPP "ALICE" under the direction of corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences S.P.Konopleva.

Sergey Konoplyev - a talented inventor, versatile and very energetic person. It is thanks to his tireless energy, he successfully combines the development of new competitive series devices DETA with the management of scientific and industrial enterprise.

first devices based on the method of Nakatani and allowed to carry out a common diagnosis of the organism. Later developed devices that work on the created in 1968 and has received worldwide recognition method R.Foll German doctor.

In 1996, the company created a device active protection of the weak radiation. It has been successfully tested in many clinics in Russia, such as the second Central Military Hospital. P. Mandryka, Center for Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health of Russia, post number 2 of the Southern JSC Moscow and other health care facilities, as well as in different parts of RUOP, the Municipal Police, the Moscow riot police and other law enforcement agencies in Moscow.

excellent results obtained using the device have led to further development of the method of electromagnetic therapy. Two years later (1998) saw the light of new, more sophisticated device, which has no analogues in the world. His defense was received five patents. This device is bio-resonance therapy.

method of bio-resonance therapy, developed by Eric Rush and Franz Morelli in 1978. After special training with the founder of this method, Eric Rush, developers NPP «ALICE» have modified the instrument and gave it a new development.

The next step was to synthesis of the electromagnetic and bio-resonance therapy, which is the basis of treatment of cancer. The final version of development embodied in the instrument «DETA-Professional» .

April 10, 1998 Ministry of Health of Russia received permission to use the Complex for electro-diagnostics, drug testing, electromagnetic and electro-therapy device with DETA in clinical practice. Currently, the issue of the medical devices obtain a state license, State Standard of Russia issued a certificate of conformity for the products.

Until recently, devices NPP "ELIS" spread like traditional sales methods, and through industry MLM . With years of successful experience in business, the company's management has decided to create its own network company, whose purpose - to bring people together with the devices DETA not only health, but also financial independence.

Today, we are pleased to present the project DETA-ELIS , combines the three major industries: medicine, network marketing and internet technology. In this trinity we see the success of our company. Companies whose mission - to heal.