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История компании Deta-Elis

Company History

The company has existed since 1992. Deta-Elis - a subsidiary of the Research and Production Enterprise NPP "ELIS". The company is engaged in the development of medical devices of the highest quality, which to date quietly competes with any of the methods of treatment.

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Цели и задачи компании Deta-Elis
Цели компании и задачи компании Deta-Elis на сегодняшний день

Goals and Objectives

The main goal - is to help sick people and their recovery, not for a moment stop the development of new equipment for more effective treatment of patients around the world! A secondary goal - to give people the opportunity to become financially independent.

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Why Deta-Elis?

A few good reasons why you should choose a company Deta-Elis for cooperation. 5 main reasons: it is free training, business development, online, super-high margin, contribution to their own health and the health of all people on the planet.

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Business Partnerships

Opportunity for entrepreneurs is the ability to create a counseling center under the brand name of the company and the receipt of income from this center.

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Opportunities For Everyone

The company deta-elis invites you to try yourself in the role of a businessman gives the opportunity to be healthy, be successful and have a good income.

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MLM Industry

More recently, network marketing is not perceived as a serious business. Today, MLM industry has shown and proved that it is not only big business, but also a real opportunity for everyone to succeed financially, and, most important to create a residual income source.

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Marketing Plan

Highly efficient marketing plan will allow any person to receive a huge income regardless of their social status or financial situation of today, whether you're a student or a successful entrepreneur, it does not matter, you can achieve even greater success with us.

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