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February Promo For Lovers


February Promo For Lovers

Do not miss the new action timed to the February holidays - Valentine's Day and the Day of Defender of the Fatherland.

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Deta-Elis New Year discounts!


Deta-Elis New Year discounts!

Special offers for the DeVita devices and Delor cosmetis until 31 December 2015

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Delor Face care at a great price


Delor Face care at a great price

New Year discount for those, who uses only the best.

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New Year gift from Deta Elis Holding


New Year gift from Deta Elis Holding

New Year gift for those, who wants more!

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About Deta-Elis

Company Deta-Elis - a subsidiary of Research and Production Enterprise "Elis" , established for more than 20 years, is at the forefront of a new generation of medical devices. Our expertise is in electromagnetic bio-resonance therapy devices, which help people get rid of their problems!.

Our developments - is electromagnetic devices bio-resonance therapy, which helps people get rid of their problems!

Our company produces equipment for both doctors and people with no medical training, and we are world leaders in the medical high technology market.

Our equipment has passed all certifications and permits recognized by the Ministry of Health and Medicine and is already in 6 countries! Remember - there is no disease that can not be cured!

And remember! There is no disease that can not be cured!

Why are Deta Devices better than pills?

Probably every person reading the instructions for use of tablets pays attention to the graph which shows the indications for the use of drugs, but they overlook the "contraindications", typically a slightly shorter list of a variety of things that are often incomprehensible to the layman.

Let me ask you a question! Is it desirable to take antibiotics and pills after you realize what kind of side effects occur? Every intelligent person knows that in taking pills for a long time, we only harm the body.

The impact of our equipment is completely different from medicinal drugs - on any body that is not sick and is working properly it will not be negative, but in the case where the body is sick, only positive effects will be observed. Let's consider parasites - if there is a parasite in the body our device destroys it and if there is no parasite present the device has no effect.

Deta devices can be used by an individual, or as a family!

Contact us if you have any questions.

Remember: prevention of disease is always cheaper than a cure, we want you to be healthy, always!

The cause of 95% of the diseases today are harmful microbes, fungi, viruses, helminths, bacteria and protozoa.

DeVita AP Portable Devices Help The Body Get Rid From All Kinds Of Harmful Microorganisms. DeVita AP kills:

  • Viruses - 124 Varieties
  • Bacteria - 95 Species
  • Fungi - 61 Species
  • Protozoa - 31 Types
  • Worms - 33 Species

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DeVita AP


DeVita Ritm


The DeVita Ritm portable device helps the body to tune in to the right job and recover effectively.

DeVita Ritm devices successfully cope with respiratory diseases and digestive disorders in the Blood and Circulatory System; Diseases Of The Skin And Urogenital, Endocrine And Immune Systems; Infections And Allergies; Diseases Of The Musculoskeletal System And Metabolism; Psychological Problems; Diseases Of The Nervous System And Many Other Diseases! Learn more about how to handle the device with your disease. Contact Us For a Consultation!

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Success stories
  • Oleg Kurchenko
    23 years
    Krivoy Rog
    I meet the devices more than 3 years ago, I had a problem - gastric ulcer and DeVita technology helps get rid of it, I use DeVita AP for cure helicobacter bacterial what caused this disease. Also I use this device on my family. We treat my sister asthma, by killing the parasites roundworms (Ascarididae) in her lungs, it's most important examples from my life.
  • Alex Pavlov
    54 years
    I’m amazed at how many diseased can be treated by DeVita Ritm. I feel that I’m having the whole clinic in my pocket! Initially I’ve bought it to relieve stress and fatigue, but started to use another functions after a while. I really like that it can be used for every member of the family and there is no need in disinfection. It took me a while to get used with all the setting, but now I’m a family doctor.
  • Crystal Lee
    48 years
    I felt myself exhausted all the time for the last several years. It was hard to work, especially during hot days. I’ve tried lots of options and spend more than 2000$ on treatment but there were no result. My children gave me DeVita Ritm and Devita AP as a present. I honestly didn’t believe that it would help, but I started with body clearance. I felt myself better, so I started using DeVita Ritm active body defense and cardiovascular system strengthening programs. Now I feel young again!
  • Deyv Trenton
    63 years
    I’ve bought DeVita AP to get my dog clean from worms. It’s pretty hard to feed it with pills and they cost quite a lot. We placed the device near the place, where Jacky usually sleeps. Dog became more active and regained appetite in about 3 days. It was a bit scary to use it on myself at first time, but I finally decided to try and result exceeded all my expectations. I thought that I’m old, but it were the worms that took all my energy. I feel like I’ve regained 20 years.
  • Unusova Liana
    38 years
    Child often suffered from tonsillitis. Doctors insisted on removing tonsils, but surgery seemed to be scary. I’ve analyzed lots of options before came across DeVita Ritm. Pain has gone right after I’ve bought the device. We’re using it for more than a year. Tonsillitis has gone forever. I’ve tested two programs on myself. It helped me get over the flu with high temperature and also I’ve used it to relax my eyes. It really works and there is no need to spend money on medications!
  • Rebecca Dilans
    29 years
    Daughter completely lost her appetite. It lasted for a month. It turned out that she had worms. We took the pills by doctor’s prescription. We’ve regained appetite, but only for a month. Doctor said that it might be connected to the fact that my daughter started visiting school and probably the procedure should be repeated every three month. I was afraid to give pills to my child so often. My friend advised to try DeVita AP. To be sure I’ve done the same treatment to myself and my husband. We felt ourselves better.
  • Lera Vitonskaya
    33 years
    Our family had sickness issues after we’ve moved to Canada. Me my husband and our kids had a constant rhinitis. Doctors said that it was just a common cold connected to new climate. Husband found DeVita Ritm description in internet and we decided to buy it. Consultant told us that chronic rhinitis with no clear reason is extremely likely to be connected to allergy. We’ve tried allergy program on me and in worked! Husband was next in line and the result was great too. Only after us, we’ve used it on the children. Now we don’t know how it feels to spend money on pills!